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Ariana Grande New Tattoos | August 2016

Ariana Grande Shows Off Her New Tattoos on Snapchat

Ariana Grande has never been shy about experimenting with her beauty look. She's got a signature hairstyle (her high ponytail), a new edgy MAC lipstick, and now, two new tattoos. Ariana took to Snapchat yesterday to document her fresh ink, which she described as "fine and perfectly petite." The designs are so dainty that they barely show up in the Polaroid photos she posted to Instagram.

The two delicate tattoos (the letter "A" and the Venus symbol) were done on her fingers at Doctor Woo Tattoo in Los Angeles. Doctor Woo, known for his intricate single-needle designs, is responsible for many other celebrities' artwork, including Drake, Cara Delevingne, and Ellie Goulding.

Ariana explained that her new "A" tattoo is for her name and her best friend's name, which both start with the letter. On Instagram, Ariana posted a photo of herself sporting cute double buns while getting inked. According to the caption, she thinks this is her 13th tattoo. Her tiny tattoos are totally adorable and on trend, but we especially love the feminist undertones of her Venus symbol design. Head over to People to see close-up shots of Ariana's new tats.

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