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Australians Pushing Brazilians on Preteens

Things are getting kinda hairy Down Under. Parents are extremely ticked off because a website is promoting Brazilian waxes—for preteen girls., whose slogan is "Girl Power — Empowering Girls Worldwide," is a girl-centric website that usually covers things like Nancy Drew online games and PG movies. But along with this kid-friendly fare, there's a primer on Brazilian waxing that includes this gem:

Nobody really likes hair in their private regions and it has a childlike appeal. Men love it, and are eternally curious about it.

The article also tells girls what to expect during a wax, claiming that the procedure is "surprisingly not as painful as you might think." Now, even if this copy were showing up on a women's website, I'd have issues with its bizarre worldview. (Really, "nobody" likes hair down there? All men love the "childlike appeal"? Ugh.) But it's even worse to see this directed at children. Between this and Nair Pretty, it seems like our culture is sexualizing girls at younger and younger ages. I can't see how that's a good thing.


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lolrabbit lolrabbit 7 years
OMG, the paragraph about men like it is really scary. I mean, please, why would a pre-teen go around showing ur private area? u want sex that early? no! That's really wtong..
1LTLos51 1LTLos51 8 years
Ladies this is not disgusting and neither is the idea about sex although as concerned parents there is likely to be a sexual association. This is disturbing to me and as a man I would like to share why that is. The level that to me is the most troubling is that as many women - from what ever age it is that one "starts trimming down there..." ( one young lady says she was 14 ) and finishes by stating that she was completely clean down there "liek 15 or 16..." From a males point of view, I do not fathom how one can even CONSIDER the practice of removing their pubic hair by any means! While I was in school, topics such as "why is there air?" "why is grass green and why is hair good for?" were part and parcel of Biology or Physical Science classes. The responses I received as a young man were that hair acted as a lubricant and shield in the prevention from chaffing from ones rubbing skin against skin or skin against clothing - say armpits. Also that hair on certain parts of the human body provided a platform from which pheromones could be deposited and sensed. Obviously hair on ones head and arms provided some shield from the sun and eyelashes and eyebrows functioned as filaments to filter out bright light (sun.) Aesthetically, pubic hair frames the pubes much like a woman's hair frames her face - the full, thick, untrimmed, nest of hair is to me a woman's glory and visually a very beautiful sight to behold. Certainly, the statement that "men are curious" about a shaven baldy Mons is a complete fallacy - a total lie! There is not one ounce of truth that men like that in any way and in fact it might be that boys enjoy that but a man - a manly man most certainly does not. Its nonsense! Truthfully, if I may say, the idea of removing or shaving to me is a marketing gimmick of the worst proportions. I am an Army Officer and when I report to duty, I best be clean shaven - for as a college professor of Art, I wear a beard -- I cant stand shaving!! With a very thick beard, I undergo a painful process that takes me two days and I cant imagine even the thought of having to shave my pubes. One must reach a stage in their lives where advertising and marketing does not affect ones thinking because young ladies; I have been married once, since then on many,many, many dates and have enjoyed several fine relationships and this shaven crotch thing; and please pardon me as I mean no harm; is absolutely the ugliest most unattractive fashion statement that I have stumbled on to. To be honest, I am instantly turned off at the sight of a shaven pubic area - it leaves me really sad. Sad at the fact that a woman could not resist advertising or trend and follow her own intuition and human instinct. I love a woman's mind and this shaven crotch fashion speaks to me of a mind that just cannot think for itself.
Vsugar Vsugar 9 years
Yeah, the original statement is pretty bad. I think that informing girls about what it is, is fine, and certainly the statement about modeling is true - it says that if you plan on modeling you should get used to the Brazilian - but to say that "no one" likes hair down there is just INCORRECT, and to say that men are fascinated by hairless genital areas is inappropriate and a narrow view. I USED to do Brazilians, and I stopped because my fiance would RATHER I didn't. He said he likes WOMEN, not girls. Everyone likes to be "neat", and I would have no problem taking my 13 year old daughter to get a BIKINI LINE wax if she already had pubic hair was going to be in public in a bathing suit. I wouldn't have a problem taking my TEN year old daughter for the same reasons if she was self-conscious about it. But there is no reason, ANY reason, that ANY woman should feel self-conscious about having hair on HER LABIA. It's RIDICULOUS. I have a friend from Russia, and she went home to visit her family, and they were at a beach, and she was all waxed and shaved and hairless all over, with a bathing cap on, so her bleached hair wouldn't get even more damaged, and all the people wanted to know if SHE HAD CANCER and if that was why she didn't have any body hair. OK?!?!??!?!?!??! It's sick to tell young girls that they should be ashamed of their sexual maturity. Shame on these people. Of course there ARE men that feel that way - and they should get strapped down and forcibly bikini waxed themselves (because the hair in the anal cleft is included in the waxing process) until they recover from that sick and shameless attitude - sort of like electro-shock therapy - only butt-crack waxing therapy.
Carri Carri 9 years
That is disgusting. If I had a daughter in Australia, I would be PISSED. Hell, I'm in the US and don't have a daughter and I'm pissed! A disgusting perv must have written that!
marymert marymert 9 years
OOOPS, I meant to add the word NOT as in: NOT sexual appeal and seeming childlike to sick men out there, not to mention teen boys shouldn't even be an issue. Angry typing makes for typos. ;)
marymert marymert 9 years
Childlike appeal? WTH? Are they promoting preteen sex by suggesting that MEN like that? What preteen girl needs to be thinking about grooming? Most preteens are just entering puberty and are trying to understand that they will be menstruating soon and will be developing... sexual appeal and seeming childlike to sick men out there, not to mention teen boys shouldn't even be an issue. THIS is exactly why my kids wont have a computer in their rooms and they will onlt be able to use one if I'm around. SHEESH.
tglynn tglynn 9 years
Alright look- The first time I read this, I was also appalled. but I went to the website and it's NOT that bad! It just facts about questions girls might have about that area, I didn't read anything that says it's promoting them to get a wax. I think If a girl doesn't like her hair she has the right to educate herself and find out what she can do about it. Sometimes it's hard for girls to ask their mother about things, so they should be able to turn to a website like that.
blue-skies blue-skies 9 years
Disgusting! Especially the one-sided view of the "facts" presented about what "all men" prefer and "all women" like. Ew.
mellie_608 mellie_608 9 years
I'm not entirely sure what age that site is catering to, because there is the whole bridal section on it as well... including articles on pre-wedding botox and black lace and bridal lingerie. Not really for the 13-14 years olds. Can't forget the picture of the guy in just married boxer briefs, what every teen girl dreams of, right?
tiabia tiabia 9 years
I am truly floored and disgusted by this.
bastille_75 bastille_75 9 years
Oh P.S. - sorry leahlarocco, unfortunately it was written by a woman!!!!! I too was hopping it was a man, but once again it seems it's women who are our on worse enemies :( Although your post did give me a much needed laugh - So, thank you for that!!!
diy diy 9 years
I think the editor should have been fired for approving that article. 'Childlike?'....never has that adjective even crossed my mind when I think about waxing....a=not even as an adult woman!! The LAST thing I was thinking of at 12 years of age was brazilian waxes...more like "Why do I get a pimple on my chin on picture day every year!?" :( Is society sexualising young girls? Or are they too busy making profits to even care that more and more of their young readers turn up pregnant...and articles like just may contribute even slightly to the epidemic.
agnt99 agnt99 9 years
This IS sick! I'm glad my daughter is grown, but I'm deeply, deeply concerned for other young girls. As far as "men" liking it: my current lover begged me to stop waxing. And yes, I did! Lower maintenance and he is VERY happy.
bastille_75 bastille_75 9 years
Okay, here's another very disturbing tidbit - i just went on to the web-site and it seems they have two sites, the "girl' one and another "*femail" one (obviously, the 'girl' is meant for youth and 'femail' is meant for women). Here's what's even more disturbing the "femail" also has a story on waxing, but more detailed and references the excruciating pain!!!! Actually the title is different too the 'girl' title is "Waxing why we do it", while the 'femail' article is "A cult of pain has swept the Western World over the last few years. It's led by women in white coats waving hot spatulas of wax unsettlingly close to those bits your mother might not have told you about." Also, at the start of the "femail' article there is a joking disclaimer to remove mascara before reading b/c the contents may cause your eyes to water. And, when it describes the process (in great detail) it uses the phrasing "rrippp" instead of 'the wax is pulled off' as in the 'girl' version. Also, in the 'femail' article there is not one single reference to men liking it or it's appeal or nobody liking hair in their private regions!!!! It (the 'femail' site) only talks about how one of the waxers feels sexy after a BW and dirty when she has not had one - and that gay men have been getting full body waxes forever!!!!!!!!!! This is all very, very, very, extremely disturbing!!!!! *female is spelled femail on their site
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