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Things are getting kinda hairy Down Under. Parents are extremely ticked off because a website is promoting Brazilian waxes—for preteen girls., whose slogan is "Girl Power — Empowering Girls Worldwide," is a girl-centric website that usually covers things like Nancy Drew online games and PG movies. But along with this kid-friendly fare, there's a primer on Brazilian waxing that includes this gem:

Nobody really likes hair in their private regions and it has a childlike appeal. Men love it, and are eternally curious about it.

The article also tells girls what to expect during a wax, claiming that the procedure is "surprisingly not as painful as you might think." Now, even if this copy were showing up on a women's website, I'd have issues with its bizarre worldview. (Really, "nobody" likes hair down there? All men love the "childlike appeal"? Ugh.) But it's even worse to see this directed at children. Between this and Nair Pretty, it seems like our culture is sexualizing girls at younger and younger ages. I can't see how that's a good thing.


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