Turns out that being an average Jane could make you the most beautiful woman of all. Researchers at UCSD and the University of Toronto have found that average facial proportions, in particular the distance between eyes and mouth and the horizontal distance between the eyes, are considered most attractive. They hypothesize that this is the case because your brain takes in the structure of every face you see and then averages them unconsciously to yield an ideal.

Do you think this is really true, though? Would anyone dispute that Michelle Pfeiffer is exceptionally beautiful? And she has exceptionally, very noticeably wide-set eyes. Another legendary beauty, Sophia Loren, has quite a bit of space between her eyes and mouth. So what do you think all this suggests? Are these women's other features so magnificent that it outweighs their "poor" proportions, or are researchers mistaking what people think is "nice-looking" for actual beauty, which is a wholly different thing?