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Avon Donates a Million Dollars to Haitian Relief Funds

Avon Donates a Million Dollars to Haitian Relief Effort

Next time the Avon lady comes calling, I'll shake her hand, because the company just committed a million dollars to the effort to help the millions of people still in a dire situation in Haiti. The money, which is to be split between Doctors Without Borders and the American Red Cross, may not be a lot relative to the need, but I think that it's important to publicize companies that do good.

Millions of traumatized survivors in Haiti are now suffering or dying from easily preventable causes that should never even be an issue, like thirst and hunger or infections. It's inexcusable that this is the case when there's a country with a surfeit of bottled water and antibiotics less than 600 miles away. If you haven't donated already, I urge you to consider doing so — Haitians are our neighbors, and how we treat them says a lot about who we are.

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Beauty Beauty 7 years
I think you're reading into the text a lot, lizlee89. Nowhere does it say that it's inexcusable for the US not to have immediately helped. I think the US response was pretty swift, actually. We are happy that Avon is donating, but it's true that the need is overwhelmingly high. Every bit helps, which is why I hope people will give whatever they can. For what it's worth, I actually do think that if any of us are fortunate enough to be wealthy, we should share with the destitute — and I believe this whether there's a disaster or not.
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
"The money...may not be a lot relative to the need..." Was this comment really necessary? I'm sure the writer didn't intentionally mean to criticize; but to me this sounds so bad. And another thing; I really do want to help (and already have), but I also think it's a little much to say that it's "inexusable" for the U.S. not to have immediately helped (which is basically what you're saying) - the U.S. should help because it's the charitable thing to do and because it/we can; not because it is our duty as a rich country. that's like saying a rich person ought to give money to a poor person just because they can...
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
Another reason to love Avon.
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