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Avril Lavigne Black Star Interview

Avril Lavigne Wants You to Be Your Own Star

Punky princess Avril Lavigne just added some new notes to her repertoire — she now has her own fragrance, Black Star ($26), available at Kohl's. I caught up with Avril about the scent, her creative process, and her message. To find out what she had to say, just read more.

How did you decide to do your own fragrance?
I just had the opportunity from Procter and Gamble, and I was very excited because it was like nothing I had done before. The process to create it took two years, and is something that I was involved in every aspect of the way: creating and designing the box, the bottle, the scent. I wrote a song for the commercial, and I came up with the commercial concept. The message is “be your own star.” I think that’s really important — and that’s the message that I’ve always had for young girls. Being able to tie it in with the fragrance made me very happy.

What do you think makes Black Star unique among celebrity scents?
I think everything from the studded packaging to the studded ring and the commercial. It’s probably the most rock ‘n’ roll fragrance out right now.


What was the most challenging part of the design process for you?
I’d say every part was pretty equal. The most interesting part was going to the ingredients and learning about the top notes, the hearts, and the base notes. The top note is pink hibiscus, the heart is black plum, and the base note is dark chocolate — I thought it was cool to have chocolate in there. Overall, the scent is fruity and floral, really yummy and fresh.

You have your own clothing line, Abbey Dawn. How is creating a fragrance different than creating clothing?
It’s different forms of creativity. Designing clothing, I have to go through patterns, graphics, color palettes, the fabric, and the fit. And designing a fragrance is about the scent, the design of the bottle, the message, and it’s also about color.

How did the bottle design come about? It’s a little bit like Angel, but different. How did you come up with the idea?
I’m obsessed with stars; I have about seven star tattoos.

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