I'm currently mesmerized by BBC Three's Snog, Marry, Avoid?, a makeunder reality TV show that promises to "transform the nation's slap [makeup] addicts into natural beauties." The show, hosted by Atomic Kitten's Jenny Frost and a bizarre CGI camera called POD, takes tanned, augmented, extensions-wearing ladies (and the occasional gentleman), makes fun of them, and then puts them in a more "reasonable" outfit with hair and makeup to match.

The show's extremely addictive, but it leaves me questioning why it's so imperative for these women to change, and why the mean jokes are necessary. Many genuinely seem to like the way they look and are self-aware about it. They know they're over the top, but it just so happens that the look is what they like. Check out model Laura Summers get "transformed" in the video below.

Photo courtesy BBC Three