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Baby Beauty Pageants in the UK

Baby Beauty Pageants Move On to the UK

We've talked about this a couple times before, but now baby beauty pageants have moved across the pond, and it seems like Brits are willing to go to even greater extremes than their American counterparts. Baby Beauty Queens, a new BBC3 documentary, follows three girls who are part of the growing UK child pageant scene. One of the girls, at age 7, had plastic surgery to "correct" her ears (her story starts at about the 7:15 minute mark). To find out more about these pageants, read on.

The public fascination with these pageants is perhaps at an all-time high—there have been two television shows about them in the past couple years, and the scary documentaries just keep rolling in—but it seems like no matter how much opprobrium they draw, they aren't going away. It's also interesting that the BBC approaches these pageants from an educational standpoint, as if the world of baby pageants is a subculture to be documented and explored, while American shows like Toddlers & Tiaras exist solely as voyeuristic vehicles to mock and judge pageant families. I guess that's what separates a documentary from reality television, which feeds on easy snark. But it begs the question: why do we spend so much time making fun of these children if we think this is shameful and wrong? And if the parents are unstable or harming the child, why is no one reaching for the phone to call Child Protective Services?

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sidra5397 sidra5397 7 years
Bravo, bellafranki and Francoisehard!
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 7 years
A 7 year old DOES NOT need surgery for ears that stick out. That is NOT the same as having a deformity. People really need to stop being so ridiculously superficial (and I could guess also very self obsessed). And also a 7 year old hasn't even finished growing. Please let there be females who grow up having careers that don't involve obsessing over themselves. Modeling isn't necessarily a bad career, but there are models who aren't even that into themselves.
hills hills 7 years
hills hills 7 years
No, i really didn't want that scene to come over here, I'm a proper girly girl and love makeup but I'm a teenager so its ok, kids so shouldn't need to worry about makeup and how they look at that age, its so weird and kinda pedophiliish to me, ick. i really hope it doesn't become as big over here.
writerjenna writerjenna 7 years
I haven't gotten to the plastic surgery part, but already the video makes me sad. The first little girl thinks that if she doesn't become a model "out there doing things" she will just hang around the house doing nothing. REALLY?? And what about becoming a nurse or a teacher or an activist? These things mean nothing??
Rigor-Mortis Rigor-Mortis 7 years
Jesus, those parents ought to be SHOT. These kids have the right to have a damn childhood, ffs!
celexes celexes 7 years
I can understand plastic surgeries for odd deformities like tails, but plastic surgeries on little kid's ears is not a good idea. Most kids her age have weird 'monkey-ish' ears, but they eventually grow into them. I knew a couple who had surgery done to their kid because he had big ears when he was 7, but when he grew older the kid grew into the ears so they ended up flat against his head. I just hope the little girl doesnt end up like that. Otherwise, she's going to have to spend a lot of money for corrective surgery.
Yogaforlife Yogaforlife 7 years
Look at how much makeup is on the little girl in the middle. What is this teaching these little girls? That you have to have your hair styled perfect, lots of makeup and wear these dresses to be considered pretty? They are trying to make these little girls look like miniature adults and it's sickening. I'm not a fan of child beauty pageants - it's sending the wrong message to these little girls. (I remember in 4th grade a girl got caught putting makeup on and the teacher reprimanded her and the girl replied "my mom says I'm beautiful and I don't need to learn. I can get by on my looks". I just learned that she was pregnant by the time she hit highschool and ended up being a drop out. Not saying this will happen to everyone, but this kind of message of the importance of looks to children is not a good thing.
FrankiLee FrankiLee 7 years
A lot of kids grow into their features as they get older. Heck, my boyfriend still has ears on the larger side, but they are what's part of his overall character :) I'm not even five feet tall, but I have accepted it over the's who I am! I think that a seven year old having plastic surgery to fix her ears is saying "You don't have to accept who you are -- you can change yourself to meet ridiculous standards." I think that's wrong. I can understand if children have deformities -- that is totally different. But something as minimal as ears seems to be excessive. I have a daughter who is going on 14 months, and I hope I can help her accept who she is, flaws and all, and help her learn to love herself as she gets older. Being in beauty pageants (ones like these anyways...there are some that only focus on talent, which I'm not totally against) and getting plastic surgery at such a young age is not how I will teach these values to her.
pineapple217 pineapple217 7 years
A 7-Year OLd got plastic surgery that is sick. Her parents should not have allowed that. PLastic Surgery can sometimes be bad for people who have not grown up yet.
Allytta Allytta 7 years
it's a good thing they corrected her ears. but i haven't watched it so don't know if she really needed that, but if they were weird looking - nothing wrong with 7 year old having that surgery. kids are born with all kinds of deformities (like tales for example) and no one would consider that surgery to be 'Oh wow why did they do that to such a small child.'
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