With all the talk about trendy, dark and bright nail polishes in the spotlight these days, it's nice to keep some muted, basic shades in the mix for when you're feeling more conservative. Below are three of my favorite pale, pink polishes. Unfortunately, now that I know that Essie subscribes to the big three, I'll have to rethink my choices. Something tells me that considering all of the attention the subject of safety is getting, things in the nail biz are bound to change. Let's hope so.

OPI Sweet Heart ($7) is the deepest and most opaque pink of the bunch. In my opinion, it also lasts the longest. (Anyone care to dispute this?) Sweet Heart is my go-to color for elegant manicures and pedicures in any given season.

Essie Ballet Slippers ($8) is a classic, tame, sheer pink that doesn't contain any shimmer. It gives a high-gloss finish and happens to be one of the brand's all-time best sellers.

For one last pretty pale pink polish,


Deborah Lippman Sarah Smile ($15) is a sheer, sexy, whisper pink that was created alongside and inspired by Deborah's long-time client, Sarah Jessica Parker. What can I say, pretty much anything SJP creates I love — that woman's all class.