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Back to Basics: The Best Zit Zappers

I've never been one to have consistently gorgeous, glowy skin. It's always either a little bit dry, kind-of blotchy and almost always oily on the nose. Oh, and around that time of the month, you can bank on being able to play a fierce game of connect-the-dots. Having been a connoisseur of spot treatments since puberty, these are three of my go-to products that help pacify my pimples without causing dry patches or added aggravation. Which is your all-time favorite topical zit zapper?

Clearasil Tinted Acne Treatment Cream ($5.79) can be found at most drugstores. It doesn't sting or make you teary-eyed from the strong scent when you have to apply it to your face. The best part about using the tinted version is that it really helps cover up the red without having to pile on potentially bacteria-infested concealer.

Origins Spot Remover ($10) is a minty-smelling, transparent spot treatment gel that contains salicylic acid to dry out sebum and help kill old and new bacteria. It tingles just a touch upon contact, but it's nothing you can't handle. It stays clear and won't dry to an embarrassing flaky finish. Also, the tiny bottle is sure to last you through all twelve bouts of PMS per year, since all you need is a super-small amount.

For one more tried-and-true spot treatment that's slightly pricier,


YonKa Juvenil Purifying Concentrate for Problem Skin ($37.95) is the product I use when my skin is red and irritated all over. I use it if I have excessive swelling and sensitivity since it's so calming and gentle. It contains five essential oils that ward off bacteria, heal, sooth and restore your skin to a calm and balanced state. Also, it has a heavenly botanical smell and doesn't sting in the slightest.

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