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Back to School Beauty Routine

The Lazy Girls' Guide to Back-to-School Beauty

The following post was written by Krista K. of The NYC Talon and is part of POPSUGAR Select Beauty. The NYC Talon features a variety of lifestyle topics, from beauty and fashion to food and entertainment.

Heading back to school? This back-to-school beauty guide will help you save time and make the most of your back-to-school beauty routine.

Moisturizer Madness: Moisturizing should be a crucial part of your beauty routine. Running low on time? Grab Vaseline's spray-on lotion ($8). You don't need to rub it in; all you have to do is spray and give it a couple seconds to absorb while you're fixing your hair or eating breakfast. It's no fuss, no mess, and you'll have super soft, moisturized legs.


Brandish Your BB Cream: I'm all about the multipurpose trend that has taken over the beauty aisle. BB Creams are a back-to-school beauty essential. One like Aveeno's oil-free Clear Complexion BB Cream ($17) is ideal for senstive or acne-prone skin.

Bring Your Bronzer: Don't leave your beloved Summer bronzer behind. Grab that baby and use it all year round. Bronzers make great eye shadows, and shimmery ones can also be used to highlight places like your shoulders, perking up a fading tan.

For more ways to save time, just keep reading.

It's a No-Brainer: Eye shadow quads and trios are your friends because they do the thinking for you. All you have to do is prime and apply as directed.

Cleanse, Tone, and Treat: Another multitasker must have, find yourself a cleanser that also treats and tones your skin. This not only saves time, but also saves money. My favorite is the Merlot First Crush 3-in-1 Acne Treatment ($20), which contains salicylic acid and grape seed extract, a natural acne fighter. Aveeno's Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser ($8) is also a great pick, and available at most drugstores.

Look Polished: Not everybody is skilled at creating mind-blowing nail art, so for days when your talons need a little primping, grab some Impress nails ($8) or a nail dress set. You'll have gorgeous nails in as little time as it takes to brush your teeth.

BB Cream For Your Hair: Take care of your hair with my new favorite multipurpose product: Pantene's Ultimate 10 BB Creme ($7) for your hair. It can be used on wet or dry hair and works as a heat protectant, a styler, a frizz tamer, a shine product, a detangler, a repairer, a strengthener, and more. I love the concept of a BB cream for hair, and it'll definitely save you time during your hair routine.

Join The Conversation
I'd love to see if Merlot First Crush 3-in-1 Acne Treatment works for the kinder. How is it on sensitive skin?
ChristianAlejandro1370024427 ChristianAlejandro1370024427 4 years
I'm not a big fan of taking care of my face, but Aveeno's has helped get rid of my blemishes.
Pixel14890021 Pixel14890021 4 years
I'm in for the moisturizer madness! Love the spray-on idea.
Buddy14889963 Buddy14889963 4 years
I would like to try the BB Cream For Your Hair.
michtuck michtuck 4 years
I'd like to try the impress nails. Great idea!
Tanya14889554 Tanya14889554 4 years
I would like to try Pantenes BB Cream For Your Hair
trisha-mckee trisha-mckee 4 years
I love the Vaseline spray on lotion - such a more convenient, effective way to apply an old favorite!!
Brittney14889453 Brittney14889453 4 years
I'm glad I came here because I've never heard of most of these products but I would like to try them all!! Brittney house
Sky14889361 Sky14889361 4 years
I like the Vaseline Spray on Lotion.
Heather14889058 Heather14889058 4 years
Thanks. This is a good list. I like the concept of the Vaseline Spray & Go. Hadn't seen that before.
Tony14888972 Tony14888972 4 years
i want to try the spray on lotion by vaseline susansmoaks at gmail dot com
CoMMember13630785910414 CoMMember13630785910414 4 years
the Vaseline Spray on Lotion
Brigitte14888728 Brigitte14888728 4 years
I'm useless when it comes to beauty products. Thanks for the guide!
Maria14888576 Maria14888576 4 years
I'd love to try out the Merlot First Crush treatment!
lorenalke lorenalke 4 years
I'm not sold on BB cream. Do you really think it works as well as two or three products combined?
Natasha14888393 Natasha14888393 4 years
I would love to try the pantene bb cream. my hair gets so frizzy and maybe this will help!
Kayla14888015 Kayla14888015 4 years
I've never seen spray lotion before but I feel like its the best idea ever. I'm gonna be looking for that next time I go shopping.
Colin14887990 Colin14887990 4 years
My wife will want to try the bb cream for sure.
CoMMember13630888065257 CoMMember13630888065257 4 years
great products I will have to try out the bb cream my hair gets so dry and dull
Barb14887802 Barb14887802 4 years
I broke my bronzer & miss it would love to try this brand!
Shayna14887763 Shayna14887763 4 years
I would love to try the Vaseline Spray on Lotion !!!
trudyz trudyz 4 years
Would love to try the Pantene's Ultimate 10 BB Creme
lauren2828 lauren2828 4 years
I had not heard about BB cream for hair...I will have to check it out!
Corey14887032 Corey14887032 4 years
As a single dad of a girl who is just starting to care about this stuff, I need to learn all I can!
Brenda14886640 Brenda14886640 4 years
I would love to try the bronzer.
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