Last night's Grey Ant show definitely pulled out all of the over-the-top, you-can't-wear-this-every-day stops. The hair was either a controlled mess of super-tight curls or and a punky updo that make Flock of Seagulls look staid in comparison.

While the hair looked back a few decades, the makeup looked toward the future. Designed by MAC makeup artist Tiffany Johnston, the idea was plastic skin. "It has a little reflection, so it's not dewy—and it's not matte, either," she said." To get the look, she used a tiny amount of neutral lip gel and cheek highlighter for a nearly natural finish. She then created a "doll-eyed" look: One set of models had blacked-out eyes, while the other had electric blue eyes. To get the blunt eyelashes, Johnston trimmed false lashes at the ends and packed on the mascara. An everyday look it's not, but I always love learning about these unusual techniques!