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Bacon-Scented Perfume Is a Real Thing

Bacon Perfume Arrives to Change the World Forever

The bacon trend is just not going away, even after the launch of numerous products that, for any other food, would surely have signaled a jumping of the proverbial shark. Now, however, bacon-themed items have reached their apex with the creation of Fargginay Bacōn ($36), a fragrance made with "11 popular pure essential oils and an ever so slight hint of . . . bacon." The stuff is being marketed as "bacon in a bottle," and it even features a bacon-strip Venus de Milo on its atomizer. To find out more about Bacōn and see the rather funny commercial, just keep reading.

Bacōn (pronounced bay-cone for added classiness) is supposed to be the rediscovered "secret recipe" of John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher who "discovered the ability to dramatically elevate his customers’ mood" using bacon, essential oils, and herbs. Supposedly, the formula was lost in a fire in 1924, and the current Bacōn is Fargginay founder John Leydon's attempt to re-create the scent. Check out the commercial below and tell me whether you'd be interested in sniffing out Bacōn for yourself.

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