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A Bad Dry Shampoo Experience

Why Must You Be So Cruel, Cheap Dry Shampoo?

This morning, I made a mistake. Instead of my trusty Klorane or Biolage hair refresher, I decided to give a dry spray from the drugstore, the aptly named Psssssst ($6), a try.

I sprayed it in, brushed it out, and my hair looked more than fine. It looked quite nice, in fact. Later today, however, I ran my hand through my hair, only to come back with a ton of white powder on the tips of my nails. The dry shampoo had settled onto my scalp despite a thorough brushing. Gross. I also got paranoid that my hair looked all powdery, and spent a good portion of the afternoon trying to make my scalp as hidden as possible. I usually love a good drugstore version of more expensive products, but this time it just wasn't the same. I've also heard good things about several less expensive dry shampoos, and Psssssst has probably worked well for someone sometime, but that day was not today, and that person was not me. Better luck next time, Walgreens.

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ali321 ali321 7 years
I'm excited that such a product exists. I had no idea. Does it really keep your hair clean all day though?
MartiniLush MartiniLush 7 years
I had the same problem with this brand when I tried it...and also, it seems to leak out of the can, too? The can I bought only lasted for a month or so. :( Did anyone else have that problem? I started using the Oscar Blandi pronto dry shampoo powder and have been loving it!
kelseyjknight kelseyjknight 7 years
I LOVE this brand too! I have actually had better results with it (no white powder, great look to my hair) than with the expensive stuff i have bought from Sephora!
Mikaela81 Mikaela81 7 years
I like this one as well, and my sister swears by it... Personally, I would love to find the brunette version, but Walgreens only seems to carry the original white version.
dd-sugar dd-sugar 7 years
Ha! I used this in the 70s when we had sulfur well water and delayed washing my hair. These days, I'm trying to extend my color and my freshly washed hair is so hard to style. I found some nice spray alternatives at Sallys Beauty: Batiste dry shampoo and a liquid: No Rinse Shampoo (used in the hospital--works!) I don't use much hair product so I can get away with this and it does really help keep my color (red blonde) fresher. They were life-savers the few times my apt had the water shut off for repairs!
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 7 years
i was wondering about that stuff! i have been buying the ojani stuff from sephora at $24 a pop and wondered if the cheap stuff would work as good. now i know. thanks bella
Briandiesel Briandiesel 7 years
Haha! the mental image of that is priceless Bella :D
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