Greetings from New York, my friends. (Does that make me sound like John McCain?) While packing for the trip yesterday morning, I decided to pare down to only the essentials. Keeping two weeks of travel down to one carry-on suitcase made Fab's jaw drop, but here's my secret: Wear black dresses with different accessories, bring flat sandals that take up very little room, and think small when it comes to beauty.

Obviously, it makes sense to decant certain lotions and creams into travel-size containers — you already know that. But here's my makeup secret weapon: The Balm Shady Lady ($38). Instead of packing a bunch of individual shadows, I have everything I could need in this nine-shade eye shadow palette. The shadows have great pigmentation, a gorgeous but not bling-y level of shimmer, and colors for both night and day. (Unlike some palettes, this one doesn't have any "meh" colors that I'll never use.) And since some of the shadows double as liners, I didn't need to pack separate eyeliner. Easy!

As it turns out, guess who was on the same flight as me and Fab? Marissa Shipman, founder of The Balm, and her adorably chubby-cheeked baby, Lucas. If that's not a sign that I packed well, I don't know what is.