It's no secret that little girls are growing up fast these days. (Ahem, Nair.) But with the opening of the world's first Barbie store, fast just got faster. Located in Buenos Aires, it's a "fashion-tainment" boutique that specializes in giving girls the full-blown Barbie experience. Selling dolls isn't the point of this store; instead, it's about making the girls into Barbie:

The $7-an-hour playroom inside the store has toys and dolls, costumes, makeup and jewelry, and a small catwalk for girls to parade on under disco lights. The store also includes a beauty salon, where girls can get everything from a glamorous hairstyle to a painted butterfly on a cheek, plus a coffee shop. And the Barbie playroom is available for parties, starting at around $650.

Targeting girls ages 3 to 9, the Barbie store draws up to 150 children each day—with many girls coming in every single day to get done up.

I'm all for little girls playing and having fun, but I can't help but think that they're a little young to be wearing makeup and having their hair done. Plus, Barbie isn't high on my "awesome role models" list. This is the same doll who infamously declared, "Math is hard!" a few years ago. Her body proportions are unrealistic, too: According to ANRED, if she were a real person, she'd be six feet tall, weigh 101 pounds, and have measurements of 39-19-33.

What do you think? Is this Barbie boutique cute and fun, or is it encouraging girls to grow up too fast?