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Beautiful Brightening Foundations

Now that we've taken a closer look at brightening eye creams, under-eye makeup pens, primers and skin creams, the last genre to cover is brightening foundations. These three products below are the perfect pick-me-ups for your skin, especially during the dreary winter months. Not only do they create an illuminating effect, they also provide excellent coverage and will make you look picture-perfect for all of your holiday parties!

Physician's Formula Brightening Foundation ($9.99) contains pearlescent pigments to provide you with a subtle brightening effect, a soft skin tone and an overall healthier look. It is formulated with vitamins A, C, and E to help protect the skin from environmental damage, and the formula is non-comedogenic.

For two more beautiful brightening foundations,

Lancome Photogenic Skin-Illuminating Makeup SPF 15 ($35) is an oil-free foundation that adjusts the effects of the light on your skin. It also evens out your skin tone, contains SPF 15 and is made with a complexion-brightening blue pigment base for a natural effect.

Anna Sui Brightening Fluid Foundation ($39.50) creates a radiant, bright and youthful-looking complexion. It contains vitamins A and B to help eliminate dead skin cells, it protects your skin against free radicals and there are traces of melanin inside to shield your skin from UV damage.

Join The Conversation
WiCkeD_LaDy WiCkeD_LaDy 9 years
the physicians formula are great, and cheap, it leave your skin feeling and looking great.
klandrach klandrach 9 years
I've used the lancome photogenic, it looks really nice on your skin but it was a bit heavy for me.
chatnoir chatnoir 9 years
I am also in the over 40 category. BE is way to shiny for me. It looks terrible and photographs sooo bad. I've had good luck using a matte foundation and then using a glowy powder on the apples of my cheeks. That way I'm not pointing to my wrinkles but still have the red carpet glow. I just got my Allure and saw that Spring 08 is matte and NO GLOW with dark or erased lips. I'm so sad. The glow is so pretty and healthy looking. What girl doesn't want to glow!!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
pinkblush I'm with you on the BE. My fav!
cmachter1 cmachter1 9 years
I have the slight lines around my eyes and I have been afraid to use these types of foundation due to having heard that the foundation will acctually accentuate my I don't want that.
terrywagner123 terrywagner123 9 years
I use Jane Iredale, the original mineral make-up.
xxxxxxy xxxxxxy 9 years
there is this fabulous rimmel foundation, i think it's called recover, it has tiny gold sparkles that makes you glow. blends really well too.
pinkblush pinkblush 9 years
I don't know much about makeup, but I really like bare minerals :)
myownworstcritic myownworstcritic 9 years
Thanks Jess!
JessNess JessNess 9 years
For the PF version they would blend into one color. The darker tone would be your skin color and the lighter part is the part to brighten up your skin. I went looking for the PF version today but it wasnt at the Rite Aid
myownworstcritic myownworstcritic 9 years
Question: am I too old for these? To quote Samantha, I'm in the 35-44 bracket! I've read that women my age aren't supposed to use these type products because it will illuminate wrinkles? Also, how does one pick a color in the drugstore brands, do the two colors blend to become a tone somewhere in between the two?
lollipopgirl lollipopgirl 9 years
I love Anna Sui and I've heard about that Lancome one..
emalove emalove 9 years
My tinted moisturizer (Elizabeth Arden) is "illuminating" really can see a subtle brightening effect too. I love it.
the-kid the-kid 9 years
I wish BE would come up with a liquid product like this..
JessNess JessNess 9 years
I wouldnt mind try the PF version. I have their mineral foundation compact and I really like it for the weekend when Im just running errands and dont want to use my BE
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