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Beauty Alert! Stickers For Keeping Track of Makeup Expiration Dates

Keep Track of Your Makeup's Shelf Life With These Stickers

Did you know that it's not required for cosmetics to have an expiration date? Did you also know that once you open a product, the oxidation process begins immediately? While some cosmetics manufacturers help you determine the shelf life of your makeup with a little symbol (a pot) and number (usually in months) to indicate when it's time to go, the problem with that method is that you have to actually remember when you cracked it open.

These durable, waterproof Beauty Alert! stickers hope to help you do just that by offering you a place to write the date of first use. With 24 stickers in all, these colorful reminders are also broken into subcategories of expiration dates, so you can easily label a specific product by its particular shelf life. Would you use the Beauty Alert! stickers, or do you have another method of keeping track: Sharpie, masking tape, or don't you bother at all?

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