Mix some eccentricity, a self-deprecating sense of humor, intelligence, wit, along with a slightly reclusive personality and some nervous energy, and you've got Diane Keaton through and through. The 63-year-old actress, who first gained acclaim in the 1970s with roles in The Godfather, along with a string of Woody Allen flicks, was actually born Diane Hall. Since there was already a registered actress with the same name, she chose her mother's maiden name, Keaton, as her professional moniker.

Known for starting a unisex clothing trend in the late 70s, as well as her trademark of wearing accessories like gloves, hats, and colorful round glasses, the actress typically styles her hair in a long straight bob. Last year, the quirky actress caused a bit of a stir for dropping the f-bomb on Good Morning America after telling Diane Sawyer how much she admired her plump lips. To learn more about Keaton's beauty philosophy, along with some photos of the lovely star,


But Keaton, whose independent nature has garnered her much respect throughout her career, is all for being "authentic," as she told More magazine in 2004, and is a strong advocate against plastic surgery. As spokesperson for L'Oréal, when asked in an interview video on the brand's website "What helps women feel more beautiful?" Keaton's sage outlook on the topic was evident:

"I feel that women need to [be] reminded all the time that they're worth it, and that's why I kind of locked into this whole 'we're worth it' thing. I believe in repetition. That's why I like saying 'we're worth it, we're worth it, we're worth it, we're worth it, we're worth it, we're worth it.' And don't you dare forget it because you're worth it."