Hey everyone! It's that time of the week again for another beauty blooper. Hopefully these little anecdotes from anonymous readers help prevent future beauty mishaps for many of you! This week's disaster is about eyebrows:

"About a month ago, I was preparing to go on vacation with my family and realized that my eyebrows needed some shaping. I passed on a professional treatment and instead bought a DIY Sally Hansen Wax Strip Kit ($6.59). The left side came out perfect. I was meticulous in my application and I was excited about saving myself a few bucks. Then I applied the strip to my right eyebrow, but I was cocky and not nearly as careful.

"When I looked down at the strip, there was way too much hair there. I reluctantly looked in the mirror and saw that I had taken off the middle of my brow. I have dark, thick hair, and this looked like a reverse mohawk on my eye!

"After a consultation with my sister, I ended up making an emergency dash to Sephora for an Anastasia Brow Pencil and Stencil. It's been a while and all I really need now is some powder. Looking back, the whole incident is very funny, but at the time I was horrified."

Lesson Learned: Pay attention when using hot wax on your body, and know when to turn to a professional!