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In May, I decided to buy a package of laser hair removal treatments. It was time for me to get my body bikini-ready for Memorial Day and I figured that would give me ample time. I went in raring to go, but my goodness—the pain of laser removal is just unbearable! During every treatment I whimpered and vowed that I would never return, but because of all the money I spent on the package and because I wanted results, I continued to go back again every week and endure more torture.

At least my numbing remedies would vary. One week it was a couple shots of Jack Daniels, another week I actually tried rubbing the JD on my body to numb it, but nothing seemed to work. A friend recommended a product to me called Topicaine. What this does is numb your skin if you put it on an hour before your treatment.

I've never been more excited to run to the drugstore. I thought this was the product to save the day... until I got so Topicaine happy that after I applied it to my upper lip, by accident, I licked my lips!

The second I did it, I knew the error of my ways. Everything went tingly...and then it went numb. I couldn't feel my tongue, then my throat. I showed up to my appointment slurring my words (as if I just had Novocaine), but at least I was confident that this treatment would be pain free.

What a disappointment. The cream didn't numb the pain at all. Somehow, it actually felt worse. As I lay there with a numb mouth, all I could think about was Jack Daniels. I only went to one more appointment but I'd say I have about a 75% reduction of hair. No biggie, the remainder is nothing my Schick Quattro can't handle.


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