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Beauty Blooper: My Makeover Malfunction

Since I have green eyes, I've always been told that purple shades of eye shadow would be a great way to make my eyes pop. So a couple of days ago I went to the drugstore and bought a creamy purple shadow and a deep purple eyeliner. As I was doing my makeup for a night out with my girlfriends, I wasn't completely sold on my new look, but I thought I'd get my friends' opinion before tossing my brand new goods.

All night long my friends kept asking me if I was okay. After the third interrogation, I got a little bit annoyed and I headed for the ladies' room to take a load off. I figured I could count to ten and then come out all smiles — after all, nothing was wrong! At least I thought nothing was wrong until I looked in the mirror and noticed something dreadful.

My eyes looked completely bloodshot and red. The new purple makeup I bought was having some kind of counter-effect on me! I vowed to throw it away once I got home and to finally go and get a professional makeover. Has this ever happened to anybody else?

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