In June, I bought a new bronzer and some other really fun, brightly colored makeup. It was the beginning of summer, so I had a little bit of a base tan, and all season, I've gotten tons of compliments on my fresh-faced, glowy look! However, I've been working indoors a lot the past month and my tan has now substantially faded.

Last night I went to dinner with a bunch of gal pals and proceeded to meet a group of young, single men. Everything was going well until one of the cuties told me that I had some dirt on my jawline. As I feverishly wiped it away with my white cocktail napkin, we both looked down to find a smattering of way too-dark foundation. It was really humiliating, and now I feel like I've wasted so much money on makeup that doesn't even flatter my fair fall skin.

Simple Solution: Mix in a little bit of pale foundation to the bottle to lighten the color. And as far as powders and color choices go, blend the powder using a big fluffy brush or sponge and use the colors with a gentle touch and you should be fine. Don't worry, it's not a total waste!