This one's for all of you who out there who love the beach and think that because you have a mid-summer base tan, you can cut corners with your sunscreen. Think again! Just last summer, towards the end of July, I had a really big party to attend. I decided to spend the day at the beach so that I could beef up my tan and have a fresh sun-kissed look for the evening.

I figured that by using an SPF 15, I'd be well protected. Like I said, I had a pretty nice base tan already and I was sure that as long as I reapplied every few hours, I'd be golden! I even bought a self-tanning oil with SPF 15 because I wanted to my skin to be feel extra-soft and moisturized.

I was sorely mistaken! And boy, do I mean sorely. My entire body was sensitive and sunburned to the max. How could this have happened? The bottle said that I would be protected 15 times longer in the sun than if I wasn't wearing anything at all. It should be needless to say, my night was ruined. I couldn't go to the party—I couldn't even put on a bra. I spent the night in an oatmeal bath drinking water and taking aspirin. So what's the lesson learned? Make sure that you are wearing adequate sunscreen and that you steer clear of oil if your body can't handle it—otherwise, you're only asking for trouble.