Usually, Beauty Bloopers involve anonymous tales from readers. This one, though, is all Bella. This weekend, I had a hot date with Mr. Bella, or at least a lukewarm one. (How scorching can Scrabble be, you know?) So I took a shower, dried off, and thought, "Oh, I have an hour left before we meet up. I think I will use this new Astara mask!"

So I put on the mask (a full review will follow, of course) and felt it stinging a little bit. No pain, no gain, I figured. Plus, some of the best masks are gonna do that... they'll eat away the dead skin. After 10 minutes, I washed off the mask. As I was rinsing, I could feel how smooth and soft my skin was. Hooray! I patted my skin dry, looked into the mirror, and shrieked.

Have you seen any horror films lately? I haven't, but after looking in the mirror, I won't need to for a few years. My face was as red as a tomato. Or a lobster. You get the idea. It was not exactly the luminous, foxy-lady look I was going for. Can you work "red-faced" into Scrabble?

Lesson learned: Use a facial mask when you're relaxing, not before an event. And if you're trying a product for the first time, go with a patch test first.