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Beauty Break: My Leonor Greyl Experience

The other week I was lucky enough to meet Stèfanie, a Leonor Greyl haircare representative, at a salon for a professional treatment. The experience was a blissful hour of hair pampering and great conversation. It began with an analysis of my scalp and to my surprise, I learned that it was dry and that I had a lot of new hair growth. Stèfanie believed that even a small bit of dandruff could have resulted in hair loss—which completely shocked me.

The first thing she did was apply Regenerescente Nautalle, (an oil) to my scalp to help stimulate, purify and encourage regrowth. After rubbing it in well, she applied Huile de Palme to the lengths of my hair as a pre-shampoo treatment and left it on for about ten minutes. Next, she mixed Creme Aux Fleurs, a nourishing shampoo with some Bain Traitant à la Propolis (dandruff shampoo), and carefully applied it with a color brush.

After rubbing it in for a while (without water), she took a few fingers-ful of Fleur de Jasmin Masque and applied the deep conditioner to the lengths of my hair.

After waiting another five minutes we went downstairs for the washing and rinsing process. Tthis is where all the magic happened. About every 15 seconds, she applied a little bit of water to my hair to completely emulsify the shampoo. The wash lasted for five minutes and the rinse was undeniably the most thorough I've ever experienced—my hair actually squeaked when she was done!

The next day my hair felt like it had a new lease on life! It was shinier, bouncier, softer and my scalp was constantly tingling. The only concern I have for people who use these products is that for proper use, they take an exceptionally long time. To follow the regimen, you need a recommended minimum of 25 minutes. That's a heck of a long shower, not to mention a waste of water. So I guess for all of you LG lovers out there, these products are a perfect for bath time. I can't say that they are totally unrealistic because the results are well worth the time investment!


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