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They say in journalism that three makes a trend. In an article obnoxiously entitled "Secret Ingredients: Their Husbands," the New York Times interviews three women indicative of a new "trend": beauty brands created by wives of famous people. The somewhat pandering story profiles Jo Wood (right), wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood and creator of Jo Wood Organics; Dustin Hofffman's wife, Lisa, founder of Night & Day 24 Hour Skincare; and Manuela Testolini, the soon-to-be ex-wife of Prince, whose line of bath and home products is called Altru.

After reading the story several times, I'm still not sure what the point of it is, so if you'll allow me to go on a bit of a rant,

So here is the gist, as far as I can tell:

After years of living in the shadows of their famous husbands, these women have all chosen to pursue similar paths to their own recognition with lines of beauty products.

And why not? In an age when obscure makeup artists and some decidedly unglamorous dermatologists promote their signature products with glossy blowups of themselves in store windows ... it is hardly surprising that celebrities-once-removed are also going for a piece of the potentially lucrative beauty action, not to mention a shot at becoming a household name in their own right.

I don't know that I'd really call this a trend. As the New York Times points out, the beauty business in general is very entrepreneurial, littered with legions of boutique brands. And it's also nothing new that celebrities' wives (or just rich wives in general) have more resources at their fingertips to found businesses. So why is this worth its own article? I'm not really sure, but if you have any thoughts, please share!


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dawnlilian dawnlilian 9 years
if you think these beauty lines were created by these 'wives' you are crazy, these people put there name on it to give it 'star' power, the same reason why every company in the world gives celebrities their products for free, thinking the mundane 'general public' will buy anything that their favorite celebrity will buy, which is why every celebrity from j.Lo to sarah jessica parker has their own line of clothes, perfume, etc, and you know what they are right, the public just eats into their hands and buys anything put in front of them
Stephanym Stephanym 10 years
What a bore. I feel like they want to be doing something innovative but basically it's like I have time and money on my hands and I need something to do. every once in a while there are some great products but usually there nothing amazing
Aminah-Akalea Aminah-Akalea 10 years
...yet so true when you look at it from those points.
Aminah-Akalea Aminah-Akalea 10 years about interesting comments that make ya think! talk about in-depth lol
GiggleSugar GiggleSugar 10 years
It's interesting--the women don't come out looking very appealing, and neither does the writer! There's something kind of sexist about writing such a story, as if nepotism doesn't exist everywhere. It's just somehow "worse" if you're someone's wife? puh-leeze.
auddie auddie 10 years
It's not like this is a new trend, if you even want to call it that. A lot of the women that could have been included in this article were/are makeup artists, for instance Jillian Dempsey (Patrick Dempsey's wife) has a line for Avon. Isn't it just likely that a makeup artist and actor would meet on set? It really has nothing to do with who they're married to other than bringing more publicity.
econinsf econinsf 10 years
Has anyone checked out the new cosmetics line, 29 Cosmetics? It is at Nieman Marcus and it was created by Lydia Mondavi. She is married to Robert Mondavi's grandson Rob Mondavi. I guess you could say she is the wife of a guy from a famous family. It is supposed to have antioxidant properties from grapes in it. 29 is the name of the highway that runs through the middle of Napa Valley. Lydia and Rob were at Nieman Marcus in San Francisco for the release and they were pouring the wine that they make. I didn't buy any but it looks nice.
jeda21 jeda21 10 years
I think the ladies are sick and tired of the groupies and the obedience training they've been put through, and now they want to get a piece of the $ pie at last. I say go for it! It's just too bad they put themselves through a lot first. They should have gone for it to begin with and save themselves a lot of putting up and deep breaths to get there. You go gals! Gal Power! - J
onesong onesong 10 years
i read this article yesterday while perusing the times, and i thought it was the dullest piece of slop they've published in a while. first of all, who cares? these women are rich and, as you said, "it's also nothing new that celebrities' wives (or just rich wives in general) have more resources at their fingertips to found businesses." Seriously! Throughout the article, I was like....yeah, good for them. My OTHER and larger problem with the article stems from the title. Secret ingredient, their husbands?! Yuck! These women have spent (presumably) a LOT of time around makeup and makeup artists, and are probably better equipped than your average wealthy woman to sell makeup by capitalizing on that experience (i hesitate to call it expertise). Why on EARTH wouldn't the focus of this article be on that, rather than another tired rehashing of how women can't really actually make it on their own and need husbands (or men in general) to succeed?
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