Remember how L'Oreal was in trouble for its misleading advertising? Well, now Clarins is part of that club. The Advertising Standards Authority condemned Clarins for making claims that its Expertise 3P Screen Mist ($40) could protect skin from electromagnetic waves such as those that transmit TV and radio signals. Clarins marketed the spray as follows:

If electromagnetic waves can penetrate walls, imagine what they can do to your skin. Today, electromagnetic waves generated by a host of modern-day electronic devices join a list of well-known pollutants which can damage skin. For the first time, Clarins Research reveals the link between exposure to artificial electromagnetic waves and accelerated skin aging.

The only problem? The ASA wasn't too keen on the research. It turned to an independent expert, who criticized Clarins' method. It turns out that the spray was tested on plants in a laboratory, but not on people. So while the ASA has told Clarins to put the kibosh on its advertising claims, the cosmetics company stands by its advertisements, saying they are "factual and informative." What do you think? And would you have bought into the idea that a microwave can make you age in the first place?