As if dealing with cancer isn't difficult enough, now there's some unsettling news about moisturizers. Recently, researchers from Breastlink, a breast cancer treatment center in Southern California, presented the results of a study in which they tested 16 easily accessible moisturizers for estrogen. While none of the samples listed estrogen as an ingredient, six actually contained some type of the hormone — which is terrible news for women with a type of breast cancer that is driven by estrogen.

What's up with the absence of such an important detail? If you're concerned, you could check out Lindi Skin, a soothing skincare line formulated specifically for the sensitive skin of chemotherapy patients. Since the skin absorbs topical products quite readily, applying a nourishing alternative specifically formulated for people with cancer seems like the safest bet to me — not to mention anyone worried about the repeated exposure they may have unknowingly received from any unlabeled creams.