Would you give up mascara? Allergan, the maker of Botox, hopes you will. The company is working on a drug to make eyelashes grow longer. The catch? It's already available for different purposes.

Lumigan, a formulation of bimatoprost, is a glaucoma drug that can be used (off-label, of course) to grow eyelashes. Cosmetics such as RevitaLash and the original formula of Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash have used the drug in their formulations, but Allergan is the first to seek FDA approval for its cosmetic use.

But like any drug, bimatoprost has side effects. According to the FDA, it may cause the skin around the eye to darken, or the eyes could change color altogether. Not exactly the cosmetic wonders I'd like to experience. I'll stick with mascara or lash extensions, but if the FDA approval goes through, expect to see people rush to their doctors in search of longer lashes. Will you be one of them?