Jimmy Choo is synonymous with luxury for your feet, but now the high-end accessories brand wants you to smell like money too. According to Women's Wear Daily, Jimmy Choo has inked a 10-year fragrance-licensing deal with Selective Beauty SAS, a Parisian beauty company. The first Choo scent for women is set to launch in Spring 2009. Four years after getting into the handbag business, the Choo company says that fragrance seemed like a natural next step. Like Choo's shoes, the scents will be highly exclusive, sold in just 2,000 to 3,000 locations worldwide.

According to Robert Bensoussan, former Choo CEO and current board member:

"I believe fragrance is a way of expanding the client base," he said. "We hope it will attract many more people to the Jimmy Choo concept, especially people who would like to own a piece of the Jimmy Choo world but who can't necessarily spend the minimum $500, which today is the basic [entry price] for a Jimmy Choo product."

It sounds like a smart strategy, and there is really some great potential here for a perfume bottle with a shoe-motif, so let's hope they don't pass that up.