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High-maintenance beauty routines for girls are nothing new, but the New York Times highlights the growing phenomenon in today's paper. The story begins with an off-putting anecdote about a three-year-old going in for a pedicure, and from there, the statistics are amazing. For instance:

  • A survey shows that fifty-five percent of six- to nine-year-old girls said they used lip gloss or lipstick.
  • Nearly two-thirds of girls the same age said they used nail polish.
  • Club Libby Lu, a mall-based chain, did about a million makeovers of girls last year.
  • Dashing Diva, a nail-salon chain, offers girls virgin Cosmos in martini glasses to go with their pedicures.

I'm all for little girls enjoying themselves, but I won't lie to you — the idea of kindergarteners having Hannah Montana makeovers freaks me out a little bit. Should we be encouraging girls to spend so much time with their appearance at such a young age? Even if they enjoy it? Tell me what you think.


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