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Beauty Byte: Online Dating Gets Smelly

Finding the perfect mate is more about good looks and good times. How often have you met a potential suitor, only to become turned off by what cologne they were wearing? Or perhaps it was something about their personal scent was just a bit off to you. Science can explain that. "If everything fits, you have the same interests, lots to talk about, but you can’t stand their smell, then a love affair doesn’t stand a chance," biologist August Hämmerli told ScienceDaily.

Enter the world of online dating. Likes: Walks on the beach, a night in with a good movie and bottle of wine, and body odor? While nothing beats a good face-to-face smelling, Basisnote, a soon-to-be available technology that matches body odor preferences, will be offered in conjunction with a yet-to-be-named online dating service. Find out more about this unique idea when you


To determine your own body odor, a simple saliva test is given, which is entered into a database for potential match ups. "Obviously, smell is by no means the only factor in choosing a partner. However, our test makes it a measurable component," explained Hämmerli. Our noses are actually wired to sniff out varied gene pools, a great choice for some strapping offspring. I guess the nose knows, after all.


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Beauty Beauty 8 years
Polkadots, it's not Jennie, but I definitely see the resemblance!
polkadots567 polkadots567 8 years
Is it me or does the girl in the picture look a lot like Jenny Garth? Or IS it Jenny Garth?
polkadots567 polkadots567 8 years
I agree, ThePerfectSco. How on earth could this happen on the web?
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 8 years
Im not quite sure how this would work out via the internet. Pass!
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
What the...
silversnowflake silversnowflake 8 years
When I read this story I thought of the creep factor which is all over online dating. Although it would be pretty cool if a lady could tell how creepy a guy was based on his signature smell. That I would never mind brandysbug.
brandysbug brandysbug 8 years
Haha, silversnowflake. This sounds really odd. I do agree, though, that someone must smell right in order to have the perfect chemistry with him. I dated a guy a while back who didn't stink (he actually smelled great all the time) - it just wasn't a scent I was into and it really made me not want to get all cozied up with him.
silversnowflake silversnowflake 8 years
Wow. Yeah because online dating isn't weird enough as is. :(
Karelynn Karelynn 8 years
Hmmm that's weird.
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