Wow, this place is very serious about brows. The May issue of WWD Beauty Biz profiles a salon and boutique in Beverly Hills called Billion Dollar Brows that caters almost exclusively to eye brows. Opened last Fall, the shop offers a menu of services ranging including brow shaping, brow tints, lash tints, and two special non-invasive lifts: the Billion Dollar Brow Lift ($75) and the Billion Dollar Face Lift ($155).

The shop is an extension of the Billion Dollar Brows product line, which was founded in 2004 by Natalie and Bob Plain. The husband and wife team launched with an offering called Brow Boost, designed to restore thinning brows, and followed soon after with other products, including a brow gel and lash condition. Later this year, Billion Dollar Brows will launch tweezers, scissors, and an extra-strength version of Brow Boost, according to WWD Beauty Biz.

I think we all understand the importance of good brow grooming, but would you visit a salon solely for eye brows? Tell me below.