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Beauty Byte: Scentest Robotic Frangrance Spritzers

New from Scentest Communication is a new concept in fragrance testing. They have created a five feet tall by one foot wide pod-like kiosk adorned with visuals of a particular scent. These kiosks will be placed in stores and malls next to perfume counters and will have a dropper opening on the right side, where scent is dispensed from a 300-ml. reservoir located inside the unit.

In addition to dispensing fragrance samples, they will also display advertising for that brand, for which the company charges an ad rate. It is said that these pods will replace traditional human "spritzers" who are hired by fragrance companies to promote and spray their perfumes to those who pass by.

Some Scentesters have already begun popping up at about 78 malls on the East and West coasts. About seven tester kiosks will go into every mall which is projected to be approximately 550 in total.

Participating brands include: Armani fragrances, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Kenzo, Bulgari, Calvin Klein, Cerruti, Cacharel, Lancôme, Paul Smith, YSL Beauté and Azzaro.

To hear what Cyrille Guyot, Senior Vice President of Scentest Communication, has to say,

"This is an alternative sampling medium. The [scented] strip has been around for 30 years and it's a successful medium. It's necessary to the marketing mix when a company is launching a fragrance. But we wanted to push the envelope and introduce Scentesters into department stores to address the concern of traffic in anchor stores."


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balenciagababe balenciagababe 10 years
This is a weird idea, I haven't seen this yet. What happens when you don't like the scent and want a different one? You stick a different body part under there? I think I'll stick to the paper strips...
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
What happens if you get sprayed and you don't like the smell??? I don't know if I like this idea or not.
lilehh14 lilehh14 10 years
i saw this in my mall the other day... it was weirdly put next to a mall directory. and they dont have little pieces of paper to spray the perfume on, you have to stick your hand under the spray!
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
woo hoo, no more scary old women stalking me with perfume in their bottles "are you sure you dont want to try, here just take this" Tanning is not a skin color, Brian, its a lifestyle.
MissAntipodea MissAntipodea 10 years
Woah. That's really bizarre. The world is getting more and more like Futurama every day. :D
AtlantaNoleGirl AtlantaNoleGirl 10 years
I saw one of these at the mall yesterday! It was by the bathrooms, actually, not near the fragrance counter at all. ----------- “Buy me a dream: Shopping for clothes isn’t about the things you need, it’s about the woman you’ll become when you wear them.”
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