With murmurs of a recession and increasing prices being the talk of economists these days, I thought I'd point out a little bit of not-so-thrilling news. Looks like Stila is raising its prices a bit, which makes me feel old because I remember when its eye shadows were $14. Now they've gone from $16 to $18 on Stilacosmetics.com — and a few other products, such as Lip Glaze, are nudging up a few bucks as well.

The good part: The prices haven't jumped everywhere yet. I'm not sure if this bump is going on in stores as well, but the change hasn't happened on Sephora.com or Ulta.com — so if you've been meaning to stock up on a bunch of products, choose your shopping website wisely. Additionally, Stila's own site is having a Winter sale and Ulta has a bargain-priced best-of set.