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Beauty Byte: Teens Getting Pre-Prom Botox?

I know that teens today take prom way more seriously than when I was in high school. I've heard tales from everything from designer gowns and lavish pre-prom pampering to reservations at the most sought-after restaurants. But this is just totally ridiculous: According to the New York Post, some wealthy high schoolers are getting Botox and lip injections in preparation for prom. According to the story:

Dr. Lewis Feder said two teens came to his Fifth Avenue office for some pre-prom primping that included Botox between the eyes.

"They both had very hyperactive muscles," said the Fifth Avenue doctor. "We gave them each half a syringe, and the muscles are smooth and beautiful."

He said he has also given three other girls — two from Westchester and one from Manhattan — Restylane injections for artfully fattened lips that cost about $600 each.

"Their parents authorized me," he said.

Given, three teens does not a trend make, and the Post is probably blowing it out of proportion a bit. But I still find it pretty horrifying that teens would be getting Botox. What do you guys think?


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