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Beauty Detox Diary

The Detox: What I Learned

A few weeks ago, I made a New Year's resolution that I would give myself a jump-start to healthier eating by kicking it off with a five-day detox, which consisted mostly of vitamin-packed shots in the morning, chocolate-flavored protein shakes for breakfast, and lemon-dressed salads for lunch and dinner. When all was said and done, I came out of the detox six pounds lighter with smoother, brighter skin and an enlightened attitude.

But have I been keeping up with my promise to stay on the healthier end of the culinary spectrum? While I have gained a few pounds back, I'm definitely more conscientious about what foods I eat. Am I perfect with all of my choices? No way. But have I been focusing more on portion control and balance? You bet. Check out what I learned when you read more.

  • Start on your day off: I began my detox on Monday at the beginning of my workweek, but if I had to do it over, I would have started on a Saturday or Sunday to allow myself some time to adjust to different eating habits. Plus, by day two I was pretty pooped, and having a day or two to rest up at home would have made the change in diet all the more seamless.
  • Budget beware: Looking back on it, the brand of detox I chose, while effective, was roughly about $40 a day. That's not insanely over-the-top expensive, especially in San Francisco, but it's definitely no bargain, either. The lesson learned is that perhaps one doesn't need to rely on prepackaged kits to come out of a detox effectively.
  • Be prepared for the days after: The day after my detox, I raided the fridge like mad. Whatever I could get my hungry little hands on was devoured. If only I had planned my release back into the "normal" eating world with a little more forethought, I would have fared a whole lot better.
  • Have realistic expectations: While I would have done anything to make it go away, acne doesn't disappear overnight. It doesn't disappear in five days, either.
  • Say cheese: Be sure to take a picture all throughout the process to track your progress. (See mine below.) You'll be surprised at how much can change in just a few short days; not only in your skin tone, but your attitude as well.

Join The Conversation
kerish kerish 7 years
hmmm...I am not a supporter of "detoxing" I think its crap but I guess it may help kick start a healthy eating habit..I wld recommend replacing less healthy meals wth healthier ones and then take it from there..maybe hve a mix berry smoothie for breakfast..sme healthy soup for lunch ..lots of water in between..then it just becomes a habit! I have friends who detox then becomes thier safe all each time they feel like they put on pound,stressed,need to attend a weddingor if they ate too much! If u r going to "detox" and go back to eating inhealthy then its a waste
JamieUK JamieUK 7 years
Wow, thanks for sharing this with us!
jocupcake jocupcake 7 years
I do agree that $40 a day was a completely ridiculous waste of money though.
jocupcake jocupcake 7 years
Let me preface this by saying that I too am not a fan of detoxes... but was this really detox in the sense that we're used to thinking of? I think of them as fasts, where generally the only thing ingested is juice, water, or some other disgusting liquid combination. Though what Bella did is certainly a pretty extreme diet, she did eat (which is more than those on the maple syrup/lemon juice/cayenne pepper detox thing can say). She also ate at regular intervals and at the very least, got some protein in every day. I guess I wouldn't classify this as a detox in the first place.
emososays17 emososays17 7 years
Wow, I too am surprised the SugarNetwork is endorsing a detox.
catita85 catita85 7 years
That sounds interesting, I´d try it. By the way Bella, your haircut is amazing!
runningesq runningesq 7 years
I'm really surprised to see the SugarNetwork, which I always thought to be safe and reasonable, promoting detoxes. Your liver detoxes your body. You don't need to exist on overpriced shakes/ powders/ snake oil to lose weight and feel good.
ladyv ladyv 7 years
What about health concerns? I've heard these are dangerous.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Hi Leilanic1! No, I haven't heard that before. I know some people do month-long detoxes. I suppose it all comes down to what works for you. Five days was a very realistic start for me.
Leilanic1 Leilanic1 7 years
thanks for the tips. i am going to do a detox at the beginning of march. someone told me that if its your first detox that you should do a 14 day detox as opposed to a five day...have you heard that before?
janetmouse janetmouse 7 years
Thanks for the tips! Was thinking of trying my first detox too :-)
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