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Beauty Gift Ideas From the 12 Days of Christmas 2010-12-15 06:00:57

12 Days of Holiday Beauty: Three French Hens

When you think of the holidays, brown chickens may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but there really is something winsome about these fluffy avians. Why French hens? Well, linguistic evidence suggests that the Twelve Days song originated in France, where chicken breeds were very different from those in England. So when the song crossed the Channel, translators felt the need to specify. You can get into the fowl-iday spirit in a bunch of ways these days, no coop required:

  • Get chick hair: Everyone will love this cute Handmade Chicken Wool Felt Mini Hair Clip ($5), and this Feathered Butterfly Headband ($6) is an inexpensive but elegant piece.
  • Cluck yourself clean: This adorable 3D Felted Chicken Soap ($22) and beautifully scented Tokyomilk Nest Egg 02 Bon Bon Bubbling Bath ($24) could relax even the most henpecked giftee.
  • She's got eggs: These Laura Mercier Foundation Sponges ($15) are the color and shape of brown organic eggs.
  • Watch out for droppings: This Chicken Poop Outdoors Lip Junk by Simone Chickenbone ($3) may have a gross name, but it's good stuff.
  • Image Source: Thinkstock
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