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Beauty Mark It Results: Beautiful Body Scrubs

Last week we switched things around by updating our weekly Beauty Mark It feature. Instead of asking you to go out there and find products that correlate to a specific topic, I asked you to go to our ever-fabulous Product Review Site to give your honest opinions instead. The subject matter this time around? To tell me what you think about your fave/not so fave Body Scrubs and Exfoliants.

I loved reading everybody's opinions, and the following three reviews really stood out:

  • Stooped reviewed Victoria's Secret Stimulating Body Scrub ($9) — "I usually prefer scrubs with bran or finely ground seeds, as the sugar scrubs I tried dissolved too early to be effective on the body. VS scrubs don't dissolve right away so you can work in some scrubbing without irking your skin. The fragrances are a bit too sweet at first, but soon wear off to a subtle, pleasing smell. Plus, you can't beat the price. They are also often on a bogo sale in stores."
  • To see the other two reviews,


  • SweetSavant reviewed Giovanni Mint Lemonade Salt Scrub ($13.95) — "So refreshing, too bad it's not cocktail! Usually I'm a lover of refined sugar scrubs, but this salt scrub is so gentle and skin-refreshing that it is plenty sweet on its own! It sloughs off the dead skin while the essential oil rich formula moisturizes and replenishes. To simply put it, this stuff is awesome and affordable, a definite must!"
  • spirited786: reviewed Bliss Hot Salt Scrub, Rosemary + Eucalyptus ($36) — "This product truly lives up to its reputation! It warms, exfoliates, and leaves skin feeling oh-so-soft (even before using lotion!). It also has a soothing scent that makes you feel like you're pampering yourself — not just taking care of your skin. I just wish it were cheaper . . ."

Thanks to all of you who beefed up the new site with your fabulous star ratings, particularly our three readers — check your inboxes for a Sugar gift! So, go on over to check out a preview of product reviews — but be careful. It's addictive.

Join The Conversation
emilylee emilylee 8 years
i wanna bliss scrub
emilyann325 emilyann325 8 years
i loooove the victoria's secret scrubs, but i went into the store last week, they stopped selling them! i am so disappointed!
stoopeed stoopeed 8 years
?!? I didn't see any sugar gift in my inbox... Or maybe I'm just looking at the wrong place since I'm relatively new. But I'm glad my review seems good enough to help :)
Jello-Wanabe Jello-Wanabe 8 years
I love the one by Michael Kors, the fragrance is amazing and it leaves your skin super soft.
SmileyFace26 SmileyFace26 8 years
I love body scrubs, i have dry legs and these help a lot
puddlesworth puddlesworth 8 years
just use some table salt.
brittanyk brittanyk 8 years
I love VS's scrubs. They're awesome.
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