Have you been watching the Olympics? After all, one billion people did tune in to the opening ceremony — and what a dazzling spectacle it was.

So, after thinking about all of the flipping, gliding, jumping, and kicking that goes down at such a monumental event, I asked you for some beauty product suggestions appropriate for an athlete. Since one beauty fan in particular went all out on this Beauty Mark It challenge, I have to give the gold medal to ohbaby for her contributions.

Ohbaby recommended Ted Gibson's Hair Sheets ($25), and I can see why. These handy styling cloths are perfect for an on-the-go Olympian; and they freshen your hair after a long workout when there's no time to shampoo. Best of all, they smooth frizz, condition, protect from sun damage, and help to minimize sweaty odors. Whew! For a complete glance at all of the sporty beauty items, check out my widget below: