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Beauty Mark It Results: Blemish Blasters

We've all been there. The dreaded moment when that dreaded pimple appears from what seems like out of nowhere. Whatever you call these pesky bumps (zits, blemishes, spots, comedones), they're always unwanted.

So, for last week's Beauty Mark It challenge, I asked you to review blemish controllers. I wondered which anti-acne products and oil-free creams help to keep your bumps at bay. You had some great input in the comments section from the original post, and here are my favorite from our Product Reviews page:

  • Witchy Ways reviewed Avene Acne Spot Treatment ($16). "I used this for a while in combination with the Avene moisturizer for people who undergo acne treatment and it worked perfectly. Unfortunately, once I stopped the really heavy acne treatment, the moisturizer was too much for me and I only use it once a week now. It still worked and I was thankful for that."
  • Nals33 reviewed Boscia Clear Complexion Treatment ($35). "I used this for a few months. I find that my skin reacts better to products that are all natural. This product didn't dry my skin out very much, which is always great! The only reason I've stopped using this product is because my skin gets use to products fairly quickly. But I definitely recommend this to those who need a blemish fighter that is on the gentle side."
  • Stef42678 reviewed M·A·C Oil Control Lotion ($28). "I really like this moisturizer because it is great for oily and dry skin. It keeps your skin hydrated and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It is good for using everyday and doesn't clog your pores."
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