Cheap perfume — doesn't exactly conjure up pleasant images, now does it? But, there are several on-the-cheap perfumes available that are actually quite low on the funk factor. For last week's Beauty Mark It challenge, I asked you to share your opinions on perfumes under the $25 mark. Thanks to all who submitted their reviews, and here are my three favorites:

  • Team member Ranksubjugation gave Aquolina Pink Sugar Rollerball ($19) five stars — "Floral perfumes give me headaches for days, but I swoon at the gourmands. This smells like yummy cotton candy, and somehow communicates a sense of warmth, too. Very comforting, sweet, fun, cozy!"
  • Saucymerlot was a fan of Fresh Sugar Lemon To Go ($24.50) — "The lemon top note is a bit too intense initially, but after a couple hours, it is subtly sweet and citrus-y, though complex. . . You definitely think sugar and sweetness when smelling this, though it actually smells nothing like sugar. I also use in a pinch as a home fragrance. That being said, my boyfriend thinks I smell like lemon dish soap when I wear it."
  • It was a great "accidental find" for Smashedpotatoe13, who reviewed Lucky You Perfume ($21.89) — "A friend left her sample-sized Lucky You in my makeup bag a while back. . . let's just say I 'forgot' to give it back to her. I like that I can buy it at any Target in case I forget to pack my everyday perfume when I'm going out of town."