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Beauty Mark It Results: Luscious Lip Plumpers

When it comes to plump lips, Angelina Jolie's a lucky one. While we all might not be blessed with a naturally luscious pout, there's an easy way to fake it — injection-free.

And since I'm sure you'll be caught under a mistletoe or two in the next few weeks, I asked you to voice your opinion. Which lip plumpers leave you with a kissable mouth and which ones are just a bunch of baloney? This week was tough to narrow down, and here are a few of my favorites:

  • Brandysbug reviewed Too Faced Lip Injection Lip Plumping Treatment ($18.50) — "I put it on and OUCH! My lips stung for about an hour. However, they did look very pretty — plump, shiny, and pink (probably because they were burning). After about a week, there was no pain after applying it. If I skip it for a while, though, the next time I put it on it burns again. I guess you just have to build up a resistance. Lip plumper resistance training."
  • On the other hand, Seka21 wasn't thrilled about it. She says, "My boyfriend turned to me and started freaking out because my lips were (and I joke not) two times their normal size and all blistery at the bit where the skin and lips meet. Not only that, one side was bigger than the other so I literally looked like I had bad collagen! A week later my lips are suffering — all chapped and dry as a result of this stuff."
  • Bella Donna didn't like Sally Hansen Lip Blush Plumping Balm ($9.99) — "You have: Thin, pale lips. You get: Glossy, but sticky, irritated and itchy lips. I didn't notice the slightest plumping of my lips and the pink shade doesn't suit my dark olive skin. The product, including its claim, is totally tacky. After typing out this review, I'm running back to my drugstore for my refund."


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