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Beauty Mark It Results: A Summer Scent

We're well into July at this point (can you believe it?), so now is the perfect time to discuss your favorite Summer scent. There's just something about the heat that makes you want to put away the heavier fragrance you've been wearing and really embrace the lighter fare. That's why last week I challenged you to bookmark your go-to smell of the season.

TeamSugar member Jude C has been sporting Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue as of late. She says that it's "light and fresh, but still feminine. My favorite Summer scent!" Can't argue with that.

Check out the rest of your suggestions below:

gigill gigill 9 years
I used to work in a beauty department and we sold tons of bottles of the Light Blue D&G perfume, but I wasn't a huge fan I have to say. Ralph is a scent that screams summer to me, and I also liked the sample of the CK Summer perfume or whatever its called.
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 9 years
I also love Ralph, Escada Island Kiss, and Ralph Rocks in the summer. I have way too many perfumes and my favorites are always changing!
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 9 years
I love love love Light Blue in the summer. I bought it a few years ago when I was in the city and have gone through 2 bottles since then (a first for using up a scent) I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear it, and my aunt even went out and bought it after smelling it on me!
sfbutterfly24 sfbutterfly24 9 years
I love light blue for summer.
star54 star54 9 years
Wow Light Blue seems so old to me now... i used to wear it years ago, as did every other girl in the world apparently.. i smelled it everywhere i went. I can't stand the stuff now. I have a full bottle of it just sitting there collecting dust. I'm really liking Chanel's Chance Fresh for the summer. It's light and sweet. Oh and I picked up Kenzo's 7:15am in Bali recently and it smells sooooo good. I'm wearing today and I keep sniffing myself!
emalove emalove 9 years
I think pretty much any scent by Escada is perfect for summer...they're light, floral, AND them. Bobbi Brown Beach is nice too. My summer scents this year are Clinique Happy in Bloom and Marc Jacobs Daisy...I tend to alternate between the two.
Jude-C Jude-C 9 years
The Light Blue body lotion is great as well--usually I don't like fragrance-branded (I don't know how else to call it) lotions, but this one is nicely moisturizing and not too heavy on the scent.
chiquita29 chiquita29 9 years
I love Moon Sparkle! I saw they had a lotion as well on the Sephora website. Def. going to get that too.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
I use Clinique Happy or Daisy by Marc Jacobs but wouldn't mind getting Light Blue as well.
itsme3683 itsme3683 9 years
I love Light Blue! I wear it year-round, too, but I live in LA. I also wear Daisy, usually in the evenings. I really like Issey Miyake Summer and Burberry Summer as well. I think they stopped selling Burberry, but The Beat is very summery as well and I love it!
cmill38 cmill38 9 years
i too use light blue year round! i love love love it! i like marc jacobs daisy as of late as well.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 9 years
I think I'd try the nectarine blossom and honey one.
snarkypants snarkypants 9 years
i love light blue! never thought of it as a summer scent; i use it year-round!
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