I’ve been using Nivea Silky Shimmer Body Lotion, $9, for about five years now. What’s great about it is it’s the same formula as classic Nivea Body Lotion, only it's enhanced with shimmer that catches the light and gives you a little extra glow when you are going to a party or out at night.

I feel like it’s a bit much to wear everyday, but when I am putting on something new or special, it makes me feel great. I have about two more uses of it and then I’ll be ready for a new bottle. Perfect timing for all of you to go on a Beauty Marking mission to help me find a new, subtle yet sexy body shimmer lotion.

Let me know when your Beauty Marks are up, and remember to tag your choices with shimmer body lotion. To learn what a Beauty Mark is and how to make one, click here.

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