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Beauty Mark It! A Volumizing Shampoo

Big hair is a big trend right now, and having the right tools will help you get high. (What? I'm talking about your hair!) While some volumizing shampoos don't deliver, others do a great job of giving you fluffy — but not frizzy — hair. The last one I really loved is Lush Big ($19.95). It's unusual because it uses sea salt and seaweed, plus lemon and lime juice. (It's an oceany margarita like that.) It lathers up like crazy, and leaves my hair bouncy and shiny.

What about you — what are your favorite volumizing shampoos? Share your picks by tagging them with the phrase "volumizing shampoo." I'll feature the readers' favorites on BellaSugar next Tuesday, Dec. 25.

To learn about Beauty Mark It challenges and how to add your picks, check out this how-to. To see some of my favorite online beauty stores,

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Join The Conversation
TFS TFS 9 years
clover899 clover899 9 years
I have thin hair and this stuff really works...but a little does go a long way..I use Fekkai glossing cream right after using this shampoo and before I blow dry to eliminate frizz and then it's perfect! I love the smell too, it's refreshing and not flowery.
Bee333 Bee333 9 years
I would LOVE to try this! I like Redken extreme line and Sunsilk volumizing...I'm game for anything, esp natural products!
michlny michlny 9 years
run-run-running to buy!! love the natural ingredients!
ladybuggg ladybuggg 9 years
this is the best shampoo ever. i love the texture, the smell, the container, the everything!
bailaoragaditana bailaoragaditana 9 years
I really love this stuff - it was something of a fad in my college last year when one girl discovered it, and it's used fairly religiously now!
lindaloo lindaloo 9 years
Every product in my shower is volumizing & I only have one bottle of conditioner because it just weighs my hair down! I would like to try this. I like Phyto products too.
booe1104 booe1104 9 years
This is the only shampoo I use anymore, actually I only trust Lush for my hair and my skin. Their products are natural and do exactly what they say they will. Going to a Lush store is an experience of its own, the sales people are really helpful. You can also buy products online I am always excited when Lush products get attention.
Catipa Catipa 9 years
I need to try this-my hair is very fine and straight-no volume or body what so ever.
JannaR JannaR 9 years
Big is the best and oddest shampoo you'll ever use. And it smells so pretty!
thatsmajor thatsmajor 9 years
Ooooooh... I want to try this! My hair is always flat... ugh.
flutterpie flutterpie 9 years
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tooq2love tooq2love 9 years
BIG is my favorite shampoo! love it!
MzShanon MzShanon 9 years
I am absolutely addicted to Lush products! Although Big kinda dried out my hair I do LOVE the I Love Juicy shampoo and American Cream Conditioner! :D
pinkdragonfly pinkdragonfly 9 years
I am ALWAYS looking for a good volumizing shampoo!
madhatter madhatter 9 years
I swear, this shampoo is fantastic - as long as you don't use a thick conditioner. I use vegan conditioner and my hair just smells like the beach because of the salt and the lemon. Yum.
pinkflats pinkflats 9 years
"and having the right tools will help you get high. (What? I'm talking about your hair!)" hahahaha bella. i'm for sure going to purchase the one you suggested because it just sounds like it would do wonders for my hair. AND i live for big, thick hair. lol.
sherbear5 sherbear5 9 years
where do you buy this?
ktc71 ktc71 9 years
I want to try this one!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive for Big and Retread conditioner...
emalove emalove 9 years
I'll beauty mark my favorite Burt's Bees one!
Nickey Nickey 9 years
Don't really do volumizing shampoo since my hair is thick and does it on its own, but I do like some Lush products. They have glittery massage bar that I use when I want to add a little sparkle to my skin when going out to party.
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