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Beauty Marked! Beach Beauty Essentials

You may have heard that FabSugar is going to Greece — lucky girl! So in honor of her upcoming island-hopping adventure, I devoted last week's Beauty Mark It challenge to finding the beach beauty essentials she'll need for her trip.

With hair, makeup, and skincare products to consider, this challenge was incredibly extensive, and I really think we've covered all the bases, from beach-inspired palettes to protective hair masks and post-sun balms. You can see all of the Beach Beauty Marks here, and check out my picks below. (To learn what a Beauty Mark is and how to make one, click here.)

Beauty Mark #1: Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock ($8.99), found by Mellie_608, who says: "This is my favorite sunblock. I like the cooling sensation and the ease of use. All you do is spray it on and let it dry. No more greasy hands. I hate greasy hands, especially when sand is involved!"

Beauty Mark #2: Pout Palm Beach Compact ($28), found by Spun Sugar, who calls this her "fave 'do it all' compact for summer. Two lip colors and two cheek/highlighter colors. Great on the go!"

Beauty Mark #3: Juice Beauty SPF 15 Tinted Lip Moisturizers ($15), found by Elpatterson, who calls these "perfect for beachy glamor" and says they "feel great on, like you're wearing nothing but a creamy balm."

Three more beach beauty essentials when you

Beauty Mark #4: Tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes! Waterproof Mascara ($18), found by Flutterpie, who gets extra credit for finding a waterproof mascara with a nautical theme. How cute!

Beauty Mark #5: Clinique After-Sun Rescue Balm ($17.50), found by Gruaig_rua. Just in case you do overindulge, this cooling lotion will help soothe sunburn, minimize peeling, and repair your skin.

Beauty Mark #6: Propoline Deep Moisturizing and Repair Hair Mask with Honey and Almond, found by Tinywhale. This heavy-duty hair treatment protects and repairs your locks before and after the beach. Bonus: It's a Greek brand!

Join The Conversation
diorbaby diorbaby 10 years
OOOH! I wanna go shopping now! I am going to buy all of these!
lollipopgirl lollipopgirl 10 years
omg! the juice beauty and the sailor masacra look so good! i suddenyl feel like shopping...
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 10 years
Just looking at this list makes me feel all summer-eeeeee! Also thrilled that one of my "finds" was listed for the first time :WOOHOO:
SugarShorts SugarShorts 10 years
I LOVE the clinic after sun rescue balm!! great product!! This list just gives me another reason to head to the beach :)
Masqueraded_Angel Masqueraded_Angel 10 years
I'll have to disagree with TheMissus. I've been using the Neutrogena spray sunblock for about two years now, and it's been fabulous. If it's windy out, just simply stand against the wind and spray yourself. It also works upside down and all around, so spraying your back is also easy. Also, I have a 4 year old son that I use this sunblock on, and let me tell you, it's much easier to spray him for a couple of seconds rather than try to rub sunblock all over him while he's squirming and complaining. I just use the same "wind technique" that I do with myself and voila!
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
Neat products.
mabess mabess 10 years
i need to get the sprayable sunscreen. maybe another kind though. i can never get my back!
TheMissus TheMissus 10 years
I have to COMPLETELY disagree on the misting sunblock. I used that a few times last summer... And the problem is, it does NOT go on evenly. And if it is windy outside, it's very difficult to apply. You end up with areas that are not covered, and it's difficult to tell where you have applied enough if it. And if you like to be active outside while wearing it, it tends to wear off quickly. I don't recommend it. Especially for children. You're gambling with their health if you use it.
baltimoregal baltimoregal 10 years
The Neutrogena cooling sunblock is the best! Easy to apply- plus you can feel where it's applied so no mistakes. And so refreshing on a hot day.
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