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Beauty Marked! DIY Waxing Kits

If you're heading to the beach this summer, don't go before you look at the results of the latest Beauty Mark It challenge. Last week, I asked you to share your favorite at-home waxing kits, and you found some pretty cool ones.
(To learn what a Beauty Mark is and how to make one, click here.)

Gruaig_rua pointed out Nad's Naughty Bikini Design Kit, which lets you become a bikini-area landscaper, while Steen unearthed the affordable (if oddly named) Surgi-Wax Brazilian Waxing Kit for Private Parts. I've assembled all of your waxing suggestions in a nifty widget, so just scroll through to see everyone's picks. If you want to learn more about a product, just click on the link.

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swati05 swati05 9 years
I used to use lotion and shaved...My body became horribly hairy....Now I try to stay away frm razors and wax it at home. It takes me like an hour to get the whole leg (and I still miss patches) but it's better than shaving.
sparkle-sugar sparkle-sugar 9 years
i have been waxing since about 14/15. ive only shaved my legs once ever and ill never do it again. lol it HURT more than waxing! i think i was too rough and although they didnt bleed my legs were in agony. anyhow, honestly, my mum makes her own wax and thats what i used to use. its really good and supposedly easy to make with few ingredients. I havent made it myself though. i still use it sometimes if she makes it for me hehe and theres a store that sells it in little jars. very very cheap! for my body i prefer cold strip wax because it doesnt burn, is easy to apply and once u get good at pulling the strips off, it works a treat. on my face and bikini area and sometimes underarms i use hard wax. i never wax my own brows or upper lip though. and ive never been brave enough to get a brazilian. i just do it myself but it takes forever! lately ive started shaving :(
Honeychild Honeychild 10 years
Mickey-tee Mickey-tee 10 years
has anyone tryed any of these?
Mickey-tee Mickey-tee 10 years
nads looks cool
poetess poetess 10 years
The torture.
desodaro desodaro 10 years
Oh so very messy and sticky...this non-heating hair remover stuff makes me cringe just thinking about it...I wouldn't recommend it.
rainonme224 rainonme224 10 years
I tried microwaveable wax kits and they didn't work for me. I'm interested in trying some of these.
Chic-Mommy Chic-Mommy 10 years
I also can't link to the widget. But as for waxing at home, I prefer it. I've paid some salons lots of money, only to come home and find out they didn't get all the hair they were supposed to remove. It's so much cheaper for me to do it myself. I use the Nair wax strips for face and body. Sometimes Sally Hansen if I can't find the Nair. So far so good. :) I had terrible results with the microwaveable and Surgi Wax products. For some reason, they didn't work for me.
mellie_608 mellie_608 10 years
I can't see them either! It happens on just some of them, not all! :(
muchacha muchacha 10 years
Although I agree with the comment above me, I am curious to try at-home waxing. So this is great, thanks for posting!
ethiopian_princess ethiopian_princess 10 years
There are just some things you should pay someone to do for you. This is one of them.
cg2003 cg2003 10 years
i can't see the products in the widjet! :(
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