Okay, so we may not all be able to have Brad on our arm like Angelina, but her plump pout is completely attainable. I asked all of you to share your favorite lip plumpers, and the results are in!

Lintilla raves about C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Shine. She says that even though it isn't technically a lip plumper per se, the peppermint oil in it it "tingles just enough to increase the circulation to my lips and do the job." And Tnkrbelli loves Philosophy Chicken Lips. "I always get turned off by plumping glosses because they are so sticky," she says. "But these are extremely natural-looking and natural-feeling glosses."

Want more? Check out everyone's choices below, and for an added effect, cue up Big Mouth Strikes Again by the Smiths.