Ever since my Solano Top Power 3200 Hairdryer broke, I've been looking for a new one with the following criteria:

  • My hair gets frizzy so I need a hair dryer with a narrow nozzle attachment.
  • I like it to have a high wattage so it doesn't take me forever to dry my long hair.
  • I love the cool shot feature. It's an essential if you want to set your hair in different styles.
  • It has to be lightweight since I travel frequently.

Thanks to all of you who responded to my Beauty Mark It! post and helped me find something fabulous that is tailored to my needs! To see all of the new hairdryers you have chosen for me, click here.

Beauty Mark #1 found by Nannychica, is the Conair Ceramic Ionic Styler, $25.99. It is a ceramic dryer that has a self-regulating heater in it that creates even heat distribution, less frizz and more shine!

For more new hairdryers,

Beauty Mark #2, was found by emisaurusrex. She chose the T3 Beespoke Featherweight Dryer $200. This is a pricey dryer, but what makes it stand out from the rest is that it dries your hair up to 60% faster than most, it's ionic to protect your hair and it weighs only 13 ounces.

Beauty Mark #3 found by amanda3011 is the Vidal Sassoon Tourmalilne 1875 Watt Complete Professional Styler Model VS514, $30.99. This dryer has ionic and ceramic technology in it to ensure the least amount of heat styling damage to your hair. It also has a cool volumizing finger diffuser that softens airflow and adds volume without blowing out the style you've created. Lastly, it has a cold shot for setting your hair and it allows you to cut down your drying time by 1/3rd!